Listen to/download our latest recordings.. The Calling EP

We have compiled all the new songs we released this month into one EP that you will soon be able to download for free.  (we will post a link)  However, the whole mess with our work permits being denied for our 2012 European tour (see below) left us in debt for quite a lot of money.  (lost airline tickets, etc.) So, please consider purchasing the EP from bandcamp if you enjoy it.

you can do that here..



It’s been a long time since we’ve had much news and even longer since we have toured, So….

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We are very excited. The dates are to the right and here’s some information about all the bands…

DEFIANCE, OHIO – This is the band’s first tour in almost two years, and their first tour with all six members in at least twice as long. Defiance, Ohio has been touring and recording music for over a decade. Known for acoustic-influenced, socially conscious, and undeniably catchy punk anthems, their career that has included four full-length albums and shows on three continents. Their most recent release is 2012’s “The Calling” EP on No Idea Records.

PURPLE 7 – Based out of Bloomington, Indiana, and boasting a long and respectable list of “members of” bands including Defiance, Ohio, Hot New Mexicans, Landlord, Door-Keys, and Nana Grizol, Purple 7 is surely at least as great as the sum of it’s parts. Whether it’s garage-rock, psychedelic, or something else entirely, this is three-piece rock ‘n’ roll as it was intended to be. Their most recent release is 2014’s full-length, “Jewel Finger” on Basement Pop records.

HIGH DIVE – Also from Bloomington, Indiana, High Dive is the product of three distinct songwriters: Ginger Alford (formerly of Good Luck & One Reason), Toby Foster (a solo artist in his own right), and Richard Wehrenberg Jr. (most notably known for his poetry and work with Monster House Press). This powerpop five-piece keeps the riffs short and tight, the lyrics direct and honest, and the melodies worth remembering. They recently wrapped up a three-week European tour which included a coinciding EP on Yo-Yo Records.

New HIGH DIVE EP online now!

HIGH DIVE (Ryan’s other band) has a new EP, which you can stream online now by clicking here!

You can also buy the 12″ copy from Yo-Yo Records.

We (High Dive) will be touring mainland Europe starting in just a few days, so if you live there, please come say hi!  Dates are in the “shows” section (with a few more details still to come, including some shows in Spain).


HIGH DIVE “Untouched” video

High Dive news!

Hi all!

My other band has a tour coming up in Europe!  The shows are posted in the shows page.

Also, we just released a song from our new EP, which will be available on that tour.  Check it out here.

Finally, we are selling a few t-shirts to help cover the expenses of the trip.  You can look at those here.  If you want to wear pictures of our pets as clothes, these are definitely for you!

Thanks for the continued support.




High Dive (Ryan’s other band) is planning a tour in May with this band from Macedonia called Bernay’s Propaganda.  It is their first U.S. tour and we are very exciting to be playing these shows with them.  Theo (Nana Grizol) will also be joining the tour for some of the shows.  More info is on the shows page, and we’ll be posting all the details in the next week or two.  Hope to see some of you!


Upcoming Solo Nana Grizol Shows

– 8pm @ Golden Tea House (40th and Baring) w/ Spoonboy, Hot Tears, Radiator Hospital

14 – WASHINGTON, DC – 7pm @ The Space Jam (1313 Delafield Pl NW) w/ Spoonboy, Hot Tears, Art Sorority for Girls

15 – DENNIS TOWNSHIP, NJ – 6pm @ 17 Kimberly Court w/ Spoonboy, Hot Tears, Mowgli the Frog, Bean Trees

16 – BROOKLYN, NY – 9pm @ Silent Barn–603 Bushwick Ave Upstairs w/ Spoonboy, Hot Tears, Foozle, Jazz Casual


5 – DURHAM, NC – 9pm @ Duke Coffeehouse (on campus) w/ Jason Anderson and Cottontail

New Nana Grizol EP

Nana Grizol, another band that Theo plays in, has released a new EP on bandcamp. You can listen for free and pay wat you want to download it. All the money from downloads will benefit the Queer Undocumented Immigrants Project. You can link to the EP HERE. More information about the Tacoma Deportation Detention Facility and others like it can be found HERE (timeline showing the proliferation of deportation detention centers)

Hinged show Tuesday, November 19 in Chicago

Geoff’s other band Hinged is playing on Tuesday, November 19 at the Magic Living Room in Chicago. Email geoffatterrorwaredotcom for address for the address.  Hinged is playing with Chattanooga bands One Timers (TN) and Ol Scratch (TN) as well as locals CM²D.  The show starts at 8pm.

High Dive at Fest 12

Ryan’s other band, High Dive, played their first show as a five piece (with our long time friend Ginger Alford (Good Luck + One Reason) as a new member.  The show was at the fest in Gainesville and Mike Plante posted a really nice video of the show!

Defiance, Ohio update and Jetzt Collective


Hello! Sorry there hasn’t been much news from us since this last summer. The 12″ version of our last EP, The Calling has been released and is available from No Idea Records! We are all busy with our various projects and, as of now, we don’t have any upcoming plans for Defiance, Ohio to play shows.

Ryan is playing some shows including The Fest in Gainesville (with the Jetzt Collective and High Dive) The collective will also be playing some shows in Ohio and on the east coast (including a show in NYC with Theo and Sherri playing under Nana Grizol!). Jetzt Collective is loosely based out of Bloomington, IN. It is a group of songwriters, singers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and artists who enjoy each others’ company and enjoy traveling and sharing what we do with friends and strangers. It does not have permanent list of members or a permanent lineup. Please check out the link above for more details about that. The Collective shows are listed in upcoming shows as well!

Defiance, Ohio