Last minute Geoff solo acoustic show Tuesday, September 2 in Chicago

Geoff solo acoustic show w/ screening of Maximum Tolerated Dose and Mike XvX. 8:30pm. All-ages. $5-10. Email geoffatterrorwaredotcom  for address.

DIY CHI Comp Tape

DIY CHI is a Chicago collective with the long-term goal of establishing an all-ages DIY show and cultural space in the city.  That’s no easy task, so as the group works toward the space, they also collectively organize shows and work on other projects to try to connect DIY cultural communities across the city.  To those ends, they’ve released a comp tape featuring a diverse set of Chicago bands and performers.

You can stream/download the comp on the DIY CHI Bandcamp Page (and there are physical copies floating around if you visit Chicago or see one of the bands on tour).

I made a bedroom recording along with my housemate Jeff Jablonski playing banjo that appears on the digital version (but not the tape version due to a technical fuck-up).

Check it out:


Geoff solo show in Chicago

DIYCHI Presents

May 13th

Spoonboy (DC. Plan-it-X) –
Boilerman (Chicago) –
Geoff Hing (From Defiance Ohio)
Our Lady (Springfield) –
Little Master (Richmond) -

The Juicer
1238 N. Noble
7pm (MUST BE DONE BY 10:30)
5 Bucks

Geoff solo show in Chicago, December 18

December 18, 2010 Geoff solo show flyer

December 18, 2010 Geoff solo show flyer

I don’t do this often, so I think it will be fun, and it’s a benefit for the Chicago Zine Fest!

at The Juicer
1238 N. Noble St.
Chicago, IL
7pm (Over by 10:30), $5
No Drinking/Drugs/Jerks

Benefit for the Chicago Zine Fest!
a Diy Chi Collective show:

Geoff Hing (Defiance Ohio member solo acoustic set!)
Pagan Youth (Come see Todd Knife sing in a pop band. Similar to the Lemonheads)
Maribelle (Chicago’s finest)
+1 TBA

More information on the Brew Not Bombs show

This is from Roberto, who is involved with organizing the event and has some cool ways you can get involved in the event besides just attending!

Hello Party People!!!

The third annual Brew Not Bombs fundraiser party is a week away! As always there is a great music lineup (Screaming Females, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Defiance, Ohio + more), beer and food all for a great cause.

It’s going to be a great time and besides attending there are a couple of other way to contribute to the cause.

The Brew Not Bombs collective is throwing a people’s Vegan Bake Off. We are looking for savory items (vegan empanadas, calzones, etc). This is a competition done and voted on by the people. Message me or contact infoatbrewnotbombsdotorg if you are ineterested.

Secondly the Civilian Soldier Alliance; in conjunction with the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) will be putting together care packages for an IVAW member and his unit who will be deploying to Afghanistan. If you can donate any of the following items, please donate them at the Civilian Soldier Alliance/Iraq Veterans Against the War table at Brew Not Bombs.

Baby wipes,
Snacks (Granola/breakfast bars, sunflower seeds,cookies, nuts, gum, jolly ranchers, etc.) envelopes and paper, black pens, small note pads,
soap (bars, body soap, all in one)
international phone cards
hand sanitizers, wash cloths
cross word puzzles