punk + sexism

Our friend David Combs wrote an essay about masculinity, punk and sexism.  I think it’s thoughtful and heartfelt and talked about a lot of stuff that friends have said to me and that I’ve struggled with trying to be better about.  I thought this paragraph was particularly important:

And recognizing that our male dominated culture is fucked up doesn’t make you a self-hating man, either. When I first heard Bikini Kill, it was fucking thrilling. Hearing someone lash out against dominant sexist attitudes wasn’t exciting in some sort of “oh good for women, they’re standing up for themselves,” type of way. It was liberating to hear someone take on those traditional expressions of masculinity, because I hated the ways I was expected to act as a man. I hated the toughness and numbness that was expected from men, because I wanted to be able to express my emotions without fear of ridicule. I hated the predatory way that men acted towards women, because I wanted to be free to have meaningful relationships with women. Likewise, I hated the homophobia, because I wanted to have meaningful relationships with the men in my life. I see men around me all the time who refuse to show any signs of vulnerability for fear of appearing feminine, and they tend to cut themselves off emotionally from the world. It’s fucking sad. I see men all the time who only view their relationships in terms of conquest, and I can’t think of one of them who has a healthy emotional life. Breaking down ideas around male superiority and masculinity is absolutely in mens’ best interests. In a punk context, I can say with certainty that the scenes I’ve visited that were the most gender inclusive have always been the most exciting and thriving music communities. There’s nothing to be gained for men in maintaining the boy’s club.

You can read the essay here.

Geoff solo show in Chicago

DIYCHI Presents

May 13th

Spoonboy (DC. Plan-it-X) – http://iloveyouthisisarobbery.com/
Boilerman (Chicago) – http://boilerxman.blogspot.com/
Geoff Hing (From Defiance Ohio)
Our Lady (Springfield) – http://www.myspace.com/olobaband
Little Master (Richmond) -http://www.myspace.com/littlemasterband

The Juicer
1238 N. Noble
7pm (MUST BE DONE BY 10:30)
5 Bucks